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Three Types of Burial Insurance Plans That Approve Pre-Existing Conditions

Based on your current health there are 3 basic types of burial insurance you can qualify for.

Level: Death Benefit Immediately Pays in Full

Level benefit burial plans are for individuals who are healthy and can answer “NO” to virtually all the health questions listed on a burial insurance application. Some pre-existing conditions such as diabetes can still qualify for level benefit burial plans.

Graded: Death Benefit Pays Over 2 Years

Graded benefit burial plans are for individuals that have some type of pre-existing condition. These types of plans allow you to still get burial insurance, but you aren’t eligible for the full benefit until the starting of the 25th month of owning the policy.

Guaranteed Issue: Death Benefit Pays over 3 Years

Guaranteed issue burial insurance is designed for individuals with severe pre-existing health conditions. These plans do not ask any health questions, everyone is accepted. There is a 2 to 4 year waiting period before the burial insurance company will pay the full death benefit to your beneficiary.

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Last updated: June 15, 2022 at 4:43 PM CST