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Benefits of Cancer Screening

Those who are carriers of hereditary cancer gene mutations, may be at risk of developing cancer earlier in life, as compared to members of the general population.

The sooner genetic testing is performed, the more likely it is that this increased risk can be managed appropriately.

Types of Cancer Tested

Below is a list of the types of cancer associated with the 39 cancer genes which are tested.

Breast | Ovarian | Endometrial | Colorectal | Gastric | Pancreatic | Thyroid | Prostate | Melanoma | Renal | Brain

Who Should Get Tested?

If you suspect that you or someone you know may have an increased risk for cancer, based on factors like abnormal familial cancer history or membership to an at-risk ethnic population (such as Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry), you may want to discuss advanced genomic testing options like our Cancer Genomics with your healthcare provider.


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