Best Counties to Retire in the East

Our search for the Best Counties to retire continues as we move to the East Coast. Counties in this region, might not always have pristine weather, but there are plenty of other draws for retirees. Check out the list below for the best counties to retire in the States of Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Deleware.

Washington County, MD

Washington County in Maryland is a clear hot spot for retirees. This county, located in the panhandle of the state, has fantastic weather on top of a good amount of recreational activities for seniors to stay active.

 Washington County, MD

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Montgomery County, MD

Montgomery County is a great county for those looking to enjoy the wealth they have built up over the years. The cost of living may be slightly higher than others on our list, but the high standard of living and proximity to political hubs draws plenty of retirees every year.


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Jefferson County, NY

For those that don’t want to leave the state of New York, Jefferson County can be a great retirement option. This relatively smaller county gives retirees the feeling of a more local setting than living somewhere closer to the city. The weather might not always be great, but there is plenty more to make up for that in this wonderful county.

Jefferson County

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Genesse County, NY

Genesee County, also falling in the state of New York, is even smaller than Jefferson County in terms of population. This county, on the eastern half of the state, gets its name from a Seneca Indian word that means “The Beautiful Valley”. Very aptly named, this county has some more scenic views than other parts of New York, which brings many retirees to this county.


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New Haven County, CT

New Haven County boasts a population of over 800,000, making it the third most populous county in the state. Retirees will love the great weather and can enjoy relatively larger cities like New Haven and Waterbury.

New Haven

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Fairfield County, CT

Fairfield County, boasting over 1 million residents is growing in size, yet it still remains a popular retirement destination. Located in the bottom corner of Connecticut, this county contains major cities including Bridgeport, Stamford, Norwalk, and Danbury. The many large cities gives retirees options when it comes to this county.

 Fairfield County

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Washington County, RI

Washington County, Rhode Island, also known locally as South County, is great for those looking for more seclusion in their retirement. The beautiful weather makes this a hot spot for those looking to get out of the freezing cold.

 Washington County 2

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Allegany County, MD

This county, very near to Montgomery County, boasts many of the same attributes. With a population under 100,000, this county doesn’t hold major cities, but there is still plenty to love about county including fantastic weather.


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New London County, CT

New London County borders the Atlantic Ocean, giving many retirees the opportunity for an ocean front retirement home. This county has a rich history as well which many retirees may enjoy as it houses reservations for four of the five Native American tribes recognized by the state.

new london

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Middlesex County, CT

Middlesex County borders New London County to the left, and offers a slightly more affordable option. Still boasting similar weather, this county also houses parts of the Silvio O Conte National Wildlife Refuge and the Stewart B. McKinney National Wildlife Refuge, drawing the nature-seeking retirees in.


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Carroll County, NH

Carroll County is only 478 square miles, but a high percentage of seniors cover this area, making it great to meet fellow retirees. It’s a great place to take up new activities, as recreation is a big part of this county.


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Nantucket County, MA

This county, actually an island, is located just south of Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Residents can enjoy canoe rides or simply beautiful views of the coastlines off the islands in this county.


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Rockingham County, NH

Rockingham County is full of agricultural heritage and it shows throughout the culture of the city. With more of a small-town feel, many retirees feel right at home in this smaller, cozier county.


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Sagadahoc County, ME

Sagadahoc County, is a small region located on the southern border of the state. This gives it more mild weather than other parts of the region and hosts a National Wildlife Refuge, protecting land and species for retirees to admire.

Sadaghoc County

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Worcester County, MD

Ocean Pines County is the smallest on our list, holding just under 12,000 residents according to the 2010 census. This county remains a goldmine for retirees, as many have already found out with its high percentage of senior citizens.

ocean pines

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Barnstable County, MA

Barnstable County is the one that houses Cape Cod and other associated islands. Like Nantucket, many can enjoy the Atlantic Ocean, whether that’s through recreational actives or just taking in the wondrous views.


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Windham County, CT

Windham County, located in the state of Connecticut, is the least populous county in the state. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t great for retirees. There are many recreational activities to keep seniors active, complemented by relatively mild weather.


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Windsor County, VT

Windsor County, on the eastern border of Vermont doesn’t hold a large amount of residents either (less than 100,000). Like Windham County, this one additionally boasts great weather and recreational activities, yet is more affordable than others on our list.


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Cape May County, NJ

Cape May County in New Jersey gives a unique perspective for retirees on the East Coast The peninsula allows you to watch the sun set over the Atlantic Ocean and it remains more affordable than many other counties along the coast.

cape may

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Dorchester County, MD

Dorchester County, falling in the state of Maryland, can give retirees a place to feel at home due to the relatively higher percentage of senior population. Additionally, the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge provides another draw for this coastal county.


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