Health Insurance

The health insurance market is dynamic and changing every day.  The experienced team at PolicyZip is focused on helping individuals experiencing a life-changing coverage event procure appropriate coverage.

Types of Health Insurance

Individual Health Insurance

Individual health coverage is designed to protect an individual from financial ruin resulting from unforeseen medical expenses.  Healthcare is delivered in a variety of ways in the United States and it often feels like an alphabet soup–HMOs, PPOs, PFFSs, and so on.  It can be very confusing, particularly for families with children or women looking for help with IVF treatment assistance.

Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)

Amongst many things, the ACA mandates that all citizens and permanent residents are eligible for health insurance under most circumstances.  In that past, a large percentage of the population was uninsured due to preexisting conditions which created a risk greater than most insurers wanted to take on.  ACA coverage can be complicated and coverage is subject to a variety of conditions including enrolling during the proper annual period.

Short Term Medical (STM)

In certain situations, individuals need health insurance but cannot, or don’t want to, pay for traditional coverage options.  Insurers have created a category called “Short Term Medical insurance” to cover coverage gaps typically of 364 days or less (though coverage may be renewable beyond one year in some circumstances).  We find that Short Term Medical can often be a smart solution for individuals in a transitional or temporary coverage phase such as being unemployed, studying abroad, or waiting for other coverage to begin.

Ancillary Coverage Options

  • Dental, Vision, Hearing Plans – these plans provide for an annual (or more frequent) exam and benefit to cover items such as dental procedures, glasses or contacts, and hearing aids.
  • Hospital Indemnity Plans – indemnity plans pay a fixed sum for a specific period to the insured.  For examples, a plan may pay a set figure per day of any hospitalization.  Indemnity plans can be a smart tool to protect against large deductible or coinsurance costs.
  • Cancer and Critical Illness Plans – also sometimes referred to as a “dread disease policy,”  critical illness plans pay a fixed some to a beneficiary upon the diagnosis of a specific illness or disease.

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