American General Life Insurance Company Review

AIG has been a household name in the life insurance industry for many years and they definitely have their pros and cons.  Below we dive into the details about AIG to give you a better understanding before making any type of purchase decision.

Before we get too far I want to share one of the main reasons AIG is frustrating and you’ll be shocked to realize this.

Insurance companies have networks of licensed agents used to sell or distribute their products.  Seems simple right?

But, the problem with AIG is they do not allow their writing agents (your potential agent) to call in and request information about your policy.  They require the top level of the distribution pyramid access only and therefor creating a barrier to answer questions in a timely manner.

Aside from this one quirk about AIG, I think it’s a great company.  You just can’t be surprised when it takes longer than expected to get policy information from you agent.

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AIG Overview

American General Life Insurance company (AIG) started in 1919 halfway across the world, in Shanghai. By 1926, its first U.S. office opened in New York City, where the company’s headquarters now resides.

A top choice for institutions, non-profits and businesses, American General life insurance (AIG) is the #1 commercial insurer in Canada and the U.S. It serves 98 percent of Fortune 500 companies, 96 percent of Fortune 1000 companies and 90 percent of Fortune Global 500 companies. For employers, families and individuals, AIG ranks #1 in fixed-rate deferred annuity sales and sits among the top group retirement plan providers. Nearly half of Forbes 400 Richest Americans choose AIG. To add to the accolades, in 2016, AIG continued its 7-year streak topping the Business Insurance rankings at the Business Insurance Innovation Awards.


A.M. Best Rating
B.B.B. RatingA+
PolicyZip RatingA
HeadquartersNew York, NY
Number of Employees65,000
Total Assets$516 Billion

American General Life Insurance Products

AIG Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance from American General Life Insurance company is designed for families and individuals who want basic, affordable coverage for a specified time period. Since you can choose from 10, and 15-30 year terms, this policy allows you to plan for future goals and upcoming milestones and save you money in the long run. This plan is more flexible than other life insurance in that it allows you to choose terms from 15 to 30 years in any increment, rather than limiting you, so you buy only what you need and save money.

AIG Quality of Life Insurance

AIG QOL life insurance is for families and individuals looking for flexible coverage, simple interest credit options and an option to have living benefits. These plans are set up to protect your current quality of life and the future you hope to have. In addition to an end of life benefit for your family, this policy can be set up to cover expenses such as medical bills, retirement and other life events. This type of insurance can help protect individuals who experience a chronic illness, critical illness or terminal illness.

AIG Universal Life

Designed for families and individuals looking for flexible coverage, simple investing choices and an option to have living benefits. You have the option to change your coverage and budget overtime depending on your evolving needs.

AIG Variable Universal Life

This is for people knowledgeable about investment funds and interested in an advanced type of life insurance. You have the option to change premiums and death benefits and your goals and needs change. This type of plan allows you to invest in your future while keeping access to living benefits.

Accident and Health

Designed for people wanting to augment a high-deductible health plan or needing quick coverage available without a medical exam. In the case of a medical emergency, you will have peace of mind that the event will not cause a financial burden on your family.

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