Our Top 8 Counties to Retire To Down South

Our team continued to research the best counties in America, shifting our focus to the South. Many factors were taken into account such as a high percentage of fellow retirees, access to healthcare, recreational activities, and, of course, weather.

This study works to not just find a pretty place to retire, but somewhere that retirees can enjoy the life they’ve worked so hard to build. Whether you have recently sold a business, are reaching retirement age, or simply would like to settle down into an easier life, tens of thousands of Americans retire each month. See our list of the top counties throughout Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia to retire below:

1. Collier County, FL

Boasting great weather, reliable access to healthcare, and plenty of recreational activities, Collier County comes in at the top spot in our rankings. Retirees will love areas like the Big Cypress National Preserve and, of course, Everglades National Park.

Collier County

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2. Benton County, AR

The second most populous county in Arkansas, Benton seems to be attracting retirees. Whether it’s the mild climate or large percentage of seniors, this area is coveted among those planning to retire.

Benton County

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3. Baldwin County, AL

The largest county in Alabama, located near the southern tip of the state, is an area that attracts retirees. The large share of the population who are seniors will enjoy the highly rated healthcare. To add, this county houses two distinct areas classified as “Outstanding Alabama Water” which gives it the highest environmental status in the state according to the Alabama Department of Environmental Management.

Baldwin County

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4. St. Johns County, FL

St. Johns County earns the number four spot on our list this year, largely due to the great weather. But this county has much more to offer than that, including recreational activities. Many retirees enjoy the biggest city in St. Johns County, St. Augustine, but there are plenty of other spots to enjoy throughout the county.

St. Johns County

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5. Kanawha County, WV

This county, housing more residents than any other in the state of West Virginia, also holds a high percentage of seniors. Quality health care and low crime rates make retirees in this county feel safe and protected.

Spring Hill Mausoleum-1910

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6. Oconee County, SC

Oconee County sits on the westernmost corner of the state of South Carolina and is a very attractive destination for those planning to retire. Enjoyable recreational activities and trustworthy hospitals are just a couple of reasons why this county is growing in popularity.

Oconoee County

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7. Montgomery County, VA

This county may be smaller than some of the others on our list, but the quality of living remains high throughout this area of Virginia. The city of Blacksburg (which is home to Virginia Tech University) is home to a diverse group of people encompassing many retirees, college students, and people in between.

Montgomery County

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8. Marion County, FL

Even though this Florida county may not have coastal views, the temperature remains more stable, and the cost of living is much more manageable for retirees. Cities like Ocala and Belleview are home to plenty of retirees looking for good scenery and small town charm.

Marion County

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