Best Life Insurance Rates of 2018

Trying to choose the best life insurance policy?

We’ve recently updated our life insurance quoting tool to make it easier for you to shop your options.

We know many of our clients start with wanting to find the best life insurance rates available. That’s why we have compiled an updated list of life insurance rates by age and need for you to review. We work with nearly 100 of the best life insurance companies to understand how their products fit different client needs for life insurance.

The result?

You get to choose the best life insurance rates for your personal situation.

Best Life Insurance Rates – Today:  

Below, we’ve outlined rates for today from the best life insurance companies for 2018, from age 20 up to age 80 and above.

Choose the age range that applies to you and compare rates against the amount of coverage you are looking to purchase. If you’re unsure how much coverage to purchase, we can help you learn about the differences between $100,000 in term life insurance all the way up to $2 million in coverage or more.

Be aware that the rates you see for life insurance change significantly depending on your age, and the term of the policy you choose. Term life insurance means you are choosing life insurance to run for a defined period of time – or “term” – say, 20 years.

Whole or “permanent” life insurance means the policy will run for your lifetime and payout upon your death.

Here are some different term lengths, showing the best life insurance rates based on your current age.

15 year term life insurance
20 year term life insurance
25 year term life insurance

Term Life or Whole Life?

Choosing between term life insurance and whole life insurance depends on your personal situation – your health, your finances, and your goals in obtaining insurance. We help our clients by listening to their answers to key questions to offer up different options for you to choose from. These questions include:

  • How much are you looking to spend per month on life insurance?
  • How old are you?
  • What do you want to accomplish in purchasing life insurance?
  • Do you have family members you also want to insure?
  • . . . and many more.

There are immediate benefits to term life insurance when compared to whole life insurance. Most notably, term life insurance is usually cheaper than whole life.

The lower cost makes sense because with term, you are purchasing coverage for a shorter, defined period of time.

Rather than until your death. Our clients typically appreciate the lower cost and different options that you can add-on to term life insurance in the form of what the industry calls “riders”.

Get a Life Quote to Confirm Your Rate

Any rate we list on this page is a sample rate. We want to remind you that everyone’s situation is different, and rates change quickly.

These rates can give you a starting point. To know what your life insurance rate will be for sure, you have to start the process.

It is no-obligation to obtain rates. Use the grid below to shop for life insurance rates with no obligation. We always advise you check with at least three companies to make sure you’re getting the right plan for you.

Which company has the best life insurance rates?

It’s not just about rate. When you compare life insurance rates, you are also comparing products from different life insurance carriers.

We work with 25+ of the top life insurance carriers in America.

That means, you have a lot to choose from. Remember, it is YOUR choice.

You can read about our experience working with different carriers and the products they offer on our Best Life Insurance Carriers page. It is updated for 2016. Determining the best life insurance companies means comparing your personal situation – age, health, financial goals – with the many products offered by the insurance carriers.