AXA Equitable Insurance Carrier Review

AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company is one of the country’s largest, serving almost 2.5 million families in the U.S. A U.S. offshoot of AXA Group, headquartered in Paris, this insurer has been a global leader in wealth management and financial protection for over 100 million clients in 59 countries. For seven consecutive years, AXA has been rated the #1 insurance company in the world.

AXA has a prudent attitude to managing your risk, encouraging clients to take small, manageable steps toward a strong financial future. AXA puts on emphasis on U.S. investments to support the nation, state and local economies through investments in stocks, bonds, property and private equity.

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A.M. Best RatingA+
B.B.B. RatingB+
PolicyZip Rating
HeadquartersNew York, NY
Number of Employees166,000
Total Assets$533 Billion

AXA Insurance Options

BrightLife® Term, a term life insurance plan, offers simple coverage over a limited time period. If you are looking for affordable cover over a specified time period, this plan may be right for you. Highlights include: temporary coverage, fixed premiums and basic protection.

Interest Sensitive Whole Life, a whole life insurance plan, offers permanent protection and a Guaranteed Minimum Cash Value. This value goes up every year until age 100, when it reached the Face Amount. Additional interest can be used to increase the Policy Account Value. Highlights include: guarantee, fixed premiums and accumulations.

BrightLife® Protect, a universal life insurance plan, is a low cost universal life insurance plan with a flexible premium. It offers lifetime insurance coverage and the opportunity for cash accumulation via a Select and/or Fixed account. Highlights include: affordable coverage, permanent protection and flexible premiums.

BrightLife® Grow, an indexed universal life insurance plan, has flexible premiums and offers the potential for cash value growth via interest crediting connected to major market indexes. This feature allows you to reap benefits of an upswing in equities markets with the security of guaranteed downside protection. Highlights include: downside protection, flexible premiums and a design for accumulation.

IncentiveLife Optimizer® III, a variable universal life insurance plan, uses personally customized and professionally managed portfolios to offer protection with cash value accumulation. This type of coverage includes a variety of investment options. Highlights include: many investment options, flexible premiums and potential cash accumulation.

IncentiveLife Legacy® III, a variable universal life insurance plan, was created for individuals seeing a permanent and affordable life insurance solution. This plan might be right for you is you also want market-sensitive investment options with growth potential and downside protection. Highlights include: affordable, flexible premiums and investment options.

BrightLife® Grow Survivorship, a survivorship life insurance plan, is designed for couples interested in enhancing retirement income. Highlight include: tax-free retirement income, growth potential and downside protection

BrightLife® Protect Survivorship, a survivorship life insurance plan, is designed for couples looking to leave a legacy to their children. Highlights include: tax-free benefit for children, growth potential with downside protection and cost-effective premiums.

Athena Survivorship Universal Life IV, a survivorship life insurance plan, offers two-person coverage with flexible payment streams. Highlights include: fixed interest rate and flexible premiums.

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