Fidelity Insurance Company Review

Fidelity was established in 1896 and has since attained more than $100 million in life insurance policies. Initially known as Mystic Workers of the World, the company grew and by 1930, it took on the Fidelity name.

Today, Fidelity has 10 regional offices and 180 Investor Centers across the country. Its global reach covers eight countries across four continents and is supported by over 40,000 employees. In addition to being a top life insurance provider, the privately held company serves over 25 million investors, handling 22.8 million brokerage accounts, 476,400 daily commissionable trades and over 5 trillion dollars in total customer assets. Though Fidelity was once known more for its financial services offering, it has become a force in quality life insurance policies in recent decades for its innovative products, like its hybrid life insurance plans.

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A.M. Best RatingA-
B.B.B. RatingC-
PolicyZip Rating
HeadquartersBoston, MA
Number of Employees45,000
Total Assets$2.04 Trillion

Insurance Options

Rapid Decision Life lets you get approved for a high amount of coverage within a very short amount of time — just 24 to 48 hours. The policy starts as a hybrid of two coverage types — a level premium term life policy and an accidental death policy. The former pays a benefit for any type of death while the later pays out in the instance of an accidental death. Fidelity may adjust the mix of coverage within 6 months if your health is as good or better than you first reported. If your health is the same or worse than you self-reported, the coverage will remain the same.

Rapid Decision Express offers a quick and easy purchase experience using online technology and innovative underwriting techniques through the Rapid App application process — offering coverage within days instead of months. Coverage is based on your answers to a few questions about your health, not tests or exams. This type of application is not offered by other insurers. This policy provides a level death benefit through age 95. Terms of 10, 15, 20 and 30 years are available. After the term, rates will increase annually through age 94. 

Rapid Decision Senior Life Term & Whole Life is best for individuals age 50-85. It offers pure protection through term insurance and cash value accumulate and final expense coverage through who life insurance. Both plans include immediate partial coverage with full coverage after 4 years. No medical exam is needed to apply. These plans are not for individuals with serious health issues or a limited expected life expectancy.

Rapid Decision Final Expense helps cover final expenses (funeral costs, medical bills, credit card debt) for individuals ages 50-85. Policies are available with coverage from $5,000-$35,000. Like other Fidelity plans, no medical exam is required. This policy is not suitable for individuals with serious health conditions or a limited life expectancy. Premiums remain the same throughout the life of the policy.

Rapid Decision Guaranteed Issue offers coverage for 50-85 up to $20,000 without a medical exam or health questionnaire — all applicants in the age range are approved. This product offers an accumulation of cash value with a reduced death benefit for three years and full coverage kicking in in the fourth year. Premiums stay the same throughout the life of the policy. 

Accidental Death Benefit starts as low as $10 per month. This coverage provides financial security for your family and investments in the case of an untimely, accidental death. Plans are available for individuals 20-59 years old for amounts of $50,000-$250,000. The complete benefit is available through age 70, lowering to 50% through age 80 when the policy expires.