Life Insurance and Selling Your Business


Many older business owners eventually face the difficult decision of having to sell their business. After decades, there may not be a natural heir to take over the family business, nor may there be an employee who can provide the financial “exit” that you will likely desire to head into retirement.

If you think about it, over the long run every business will either shut down or be sold.

The smart business owner plans ahead for his or her eventual sale. As an insurance broker, we know that selling your business creates the opportunity to take advantage of life insurance. How? Life insurance policies can be invested in with the proceeds of a business sale to:

  • Create tax-free or tax saving investment buckets
  • Transfer excess sale proceeds into a future benefit amount for your estate
  • Minimize the capital gains taxes you pay on the sale of your business
  • Understanding any tax or county court liabilities
  • and many more . . .

It simply depends on your situation.  Our advisors have setup direct relationships with investment bankers and business brokers in different areas across the country.  Through those relationships, we’ve helped business owners of varying ages and net worths choose a financial strategy that includes a life insurance policy that fits their needs.  Our partners include:

Contact us to learn the answer to several questions, including: “How can life insurance help me save money on capital gains?” and “How do I sell my business and get the most money?”