Here’s How You Get a FREE Gym Membership with Silver Sneakers

You must get Silver Sneakers through a qualifying health plan.  In less than 1 minute you can determine your eligibility by clicking the plan options below and reviewing the plan that fits you best.

Step 1: Click 3 Plans Below to Start Reviewing

Step 2: Ask Questions

Make sure you’re asking as many questions as possible to ensure the plan options fit what you need.

  1. How old do I need to  be to get Silver Sneakers?
  2. Does my current plan offer Silver Sneakers?
  3. Can you send me a Silver Sneakers list of gyms?
  4. Is my Silver Sneakers card different than my Medicare card?
  5. How does Silver Sneakers work?
  6. Can I get Silver Sneakers without having Medicare?

Step 3: Choose your plan

The final step is where you choose the best plan for you. It’s that simple! 🙂


Getting Silver Sneakers is easy for those who qualify.  Our 3 step process makes it simple for you to review plans that offer Silver Sneakers and choose the best plan for you.

If you haven’t started, click 3 companies below and begin reviewing the plans that offer Silver Sneakers.